Monday, November 25, 2002

Sorry for the delays on trying to keep the weekly screen shot up to date, been pretty busy with other things in life.

~HelluvaFast Webmaster

December 2002.02 Cover Shot: (Ray W. a.k.a. cowboy artistic displays!)

What is Helluvafast? The term Helluvafast, also taken as hella fast, very fast, or awesomely fast, means NOT a word in itself, but a dream, a feeling of freedom from the world, where cars go VROOM VROOM, and people do double takes at the at the beautiful rice flybys yeeaaaaa....anyways, helluvafast is the feeling the arbitrary twirl of freedom and the love for speed....but I wouldn't know $hit anyways, since I drive a supertite see fut yeaaaaa....

~James (the one who tryiessssss to sound heellluva smart)


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